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Introducing the reimagined bt-vision 2.0 medi skin examination light!


Bio-Therapeutic has redesigned the bt-vision 2.0 with an ergonomic and fully adjustable sporty fit, including a lighter weight agile profile. Skin therapists have the option of using the bt-vision 2.0 with the included elastic band for comfortable all day wear, or alternatively the traditional sport glasses arm.


The bt-vision 2.0 will allow the skin therapist an up close and hands free view of their client’s skin at a level of detail that the eyes simply can't match. With 5 magnification lens options ranging from 1x to 3.5x and an adjustable clear bright white LED, it provides a customizable and detailed approach to skin analyzation. Excellent for use in the treatment room, and in the retail area for seamlessly determining the appropriate skincare products and professional services for the client.


With sanitation a priority, the new bt-vision 2.0 utilizes the latest cutting edge Silver Ion Technology infused in all silicone surfaces that come in contact with the skin, including the head rest, nose piece, and arms. The Silver Ion Technology offers antimicrobial and antibacterial benefits at all times. The bt-vision 2.0 is registered with the FDA as a medical examination light.

bt-vision LED Visor 2.0 (For Professionals)

R2 600,00Price
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