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This clear masque is rich in hyaluronic acid, contours to the face, locking in moisture and enhancing other products applied underneath. These masques are soothing and relaxing on the skin, heavier than cloth masques mean they hold their temperature longer. The benefit of this ultra hydrating masque is derived from the hyaluronic acid and sea extracts formulation that surrounds the gel structure. For use during professional services and home use.


Bio-Therapeutic products and equipment are not intended to treat or diagnose any medical conditions.


Box of 10

Hyaluronic Delivery Face Masque (For Professionals)

SKU: NCA-110-10PK
R2 100,00Price
  • Professional Use:
    Apply appropriate Accelerate, apply CHROMATIC serum, apply Hyaluronic Delivery Face Masque.


    Home Use:
    Cleanse and exfoliate skin. Apply appropriate Accelerate and CHROMATIC serum. Apply Hyaluronic Delivery Face Masque and leave on for 10 minutes. Not for use on blemished skin, or with chemical peels.

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