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Common Skincare Mistakes & How to Fix em!

Did you know you might be washing your face the wrong way?

You’re probably thinking. How can washing my face be complicated? You’ve been told to wash your face twice a day and that’s it. Get a pretty smelling cleanser and a moisturiser and voila you’re all set.

Mmm. Not quite.

All the little details from the time you turn on the water until the time you add your moisturiser to your face could be standing in between you and even more beautiful, clearer skin. There’s more to it than you think. In this post we’re going to reveal the most common mistakes people make with their skin care routine and what you need to do to make them right.

#1: You’re mostly using face wipes.

Using face wipes causes you to pull and tug at your skin to remove your eye makeup. Not good folks. Cleansing cloths should only be used for emergency. If you’re so exhausted that you can barely stand in front of a sink, then face wipes will come handy. Proper cleansing is one of the most important factors for clear, healthy skin especially if you’re wearing makeup. If you’re not cleansing right you’re never going to be happy with the latest and greatest serums and moisturisers. You can’t slack off with your cleanser and think the other products will do the heavy lifting for you. It just doesn’t work that way. Instead use try using our Cleanse. It’s great for all skin types and for all seasons. The best part? It’s sulphate-free, brightens the skin, and helps gently cleanse acne prone skin.

#2: You’re not using the right water temperature.

If you’re thinking that your oily skin will only benefit from hot water oh boy you’re seriously mistaken. Hot water can cause irritation, dry skin, and blood vessel to rupture. Ice cold water can be just as bad. Instead, always choose lukewarm water to wash your face and you'll start seeing results.

#3: You’re not taking your makeup off before working out.

Okay, so we get it you’re rushing to make it to that Pilates class and the idea of removing your makeup is too much of a hassle. Remember the last time your mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow ran into your eye sockets? Crazy uncomfortable right? Worse, all that grime, makeup and sweat gets trapped in your pores, which creates epic breakouts. Not worth it right? Take a couple of minutes to wash your face and when you get home do a thorough cleanse. It is so worth it!

#4: You’re washing your face too fast.

Think of washing your face as part of your “self-care” routine and not a chore. It’s about loving yourself by making time for you. Take your time massaging your cleanser into your face without scrubbing. Make sure nothing is left behind especially around your temples, forehead, and neck. If you speed through face washing it would be like hand washing your clothes after a soccer game. Do you really think you’d get all the dirt out?

#5: You’re not checking the ingredients.

Deciphering which ingredients to avoid can be tough, especially when you can’t even pronounce them; how are you supposed to remember which ones to avoid! There’s so many out there. One of the most common ingredients to avoid is parabens. Parabens are chemicals (methylparabens, propylparabens, butylparabens, and ethylparabens) used as preservatives in almost all your skin care products; shampoo, makeup, cleansers, lotions, the list goes on. They’ve been linked to breast cancer, and they also act as a hormone disruptor. Yikes!

#6: You’re exfoliating far too much or not at all.

Over exfoliating can lead to dryness, irritation, inflammation and even infection. On the flip side not exfoliating will result in dull, clogged skin that is more prone to acne and dryness. In addition you’re not reaping the benefits of your serums and moisturizers because all those dead skin cells are getting in the way of absorption. Once you start exfoliating, the results are often fast and immediate: fewer blackheads and pimples; a smooth texture and even tone; and best of all, a fresh-faced glow. Listen to your skin. All exfoliates are not created equally. Exfoliate once to twice a week using our Exfoliate. The papaya enzymes and jojoba beads naturally cleanse and brighten your face by removing dead skin cells and impurities in the skin.

Having a great skin care routine isn’t complicated. With so much skincare advice it can get confusing to figure out what to and what not to do. Yes, we have busy schedules, late night partying, or maybe we’re using the wrong products. Remember having a consistent skin care routine will help you achieve that gorgeous skin you’d be wishing for. You are so worth it!

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