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Harness the power of LED

LED or Light Emitting Diode technology was first harnessed by NASA in plant experiments on board the Space Shuttle back in the 80’s. Since then, it has worked its way into remedial and antiageing skincare routines to treat anything from scars, pigmentation, severe acne, fine lines and dullness.

What is LED?

As with most things related to science and technology, especially when borne at NASA, the interest in LED lies in intrigue and efficacy. LED works by emitting infrared lights in different wavelengths / spectrums to achieve different results. During a treatment, devices send light waves deep into the skin to trigger ATP, our natural intracellular reactions.

Skin responds to red light by building and strengthening cellular structure. It also known to target sebaceous glands to reduce cytokines which cause inflammation and chronic acne. Blue light however, when directed at a specific wavelength, will stimulate the production of oxygen radicals to kill Cutibacterium acnes (formerly Propionibacterium acnes) without damaging the skin.

How will your business benefit?

We believe that LED technology will redefine how you do business by complementing and enhancing core and stand alone services and enhancing client satisfaction to ultimately add value to your service offering. Our results driven technology will see your clients experiencing visibly smoother, softer skin with improved colour and texture.

Our Equipment

Our bt-accent LED and bt-PRO Bio-Synthesis deliver the power of LED therapy (Light Emitting Diode) in two distinctly compact and sleek units.

bt-accent LED

This model sports a portable and sleek design to effortlessly introduce any service into your treatment environment. It features 552 red, blue, and combination lights (per colour) to address a variety of service options.

Three Service Times: 10 minutes | 15 minutes | 30 minutes

Three Ranges: 10Hz | 40Hz | 100Hz

Three lights: Red | Blue | Combination

bt-PRO Bio-Synthesis LED

The Bio-Synthesis LED machine is an ultra professional option, boasting four therapy colours; blue (470nm), green (525nm), yellow (590nm) and red (640nm) emitted from nearly 3000 individual lights for maximum and consistent coverage. It boasts a user friendly touch screen control panel with 6 touch-and-go facial services and adjustable treatment settings for advanced therapists. An agile manual mode allows the skin therapist to quickly create unique services. The Bio-Synthesis also comes complete with a specific product system to compliment LED applications.

Building your business success

Science has proven that for LED to be effective, it requires certain parameters. An insufficient number of lights, or lights which are not focussed one specific area long enough will not garner any results. To assist you in gaining optimum results for your clients, our equipment comes standard with full training manuals, supporting product lines and full online training courses. Furthermore, we are here to assist in anyway we can to make your business the success it deserves to be.

The bt-accent LED and Bio-Synthesis LED therapy services will reveal glowing, radiant skin. What more could a skincare business want?

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