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How to use our bt-micro

Exfoliation is essential for clearing clogged pores, fading acne scars, stimulating cell turnover. It smooths the skin’s texture and aids in improving product absorption into the skin.

Our bt-micro offers the latest in hand held professional device that achieves ultrasonic exfoliation and microcurrent product penetration using patented technology. It’s cordless, ergonomic design makes for agile use allowing the therapist to cover most areas of the face (we don’t exfoliate eyelids, do we?) with none of the discomfort of a microdermabrasion. Fancy words but what does it mean?

How it works

The bt-micro creates high speed oscillations of between 24 000- 26 000Hz) providing various modes of exfoliation, pore extraction and product penetration.

* Peeling: Ultrasonic action only for use as an exfoliator.

* Massage: Ultrasonic combined with microcurrent.

* Ionization: Ultrasonic combined with microcurrent and serums to enhance penetration and positive or negative polarity.

*Clearing: Ultrasonic action with microcurrent for optimum pore extraction.

This high speed exfoliation results in smooth, plump and firm skin with a fresh youthful glow.

Unlike the sucking-action of microdermabrasion which pulls at the skin leaving redness, this process is suitable for all skin types - even sensitive ones.

In the treatment room

Step 1 EXFOL: Apply a quarter sized amount of AQUAFUSE FOAM PEEL OR EXFOLIATE to skin and massage gently. Hold the bt-micro at a 45 degree angle with the buttons facing outward. Hold skin taut and gently smooth with upwards motions. Periodically wipe away any debris from the probe.

Step 2 SERUM: Apply a quarter sized amount of Platinum Peptide Serum ™ or other applicable bT-Ceuticals serum to skin. Hold the bt-micro with buttons facing inward and the probe flat against skin. Gently smooth with upward motions until the product has completely absorbed.

Step 3 CREAM: Apply a quarter sized amount of CREAM or any other applicable bT-Ceuticals cream. Use the same technique as SERUM Mode.

Option: CLEAR: Apply a dime sized amount of DECONGEST to congested areas. Use the same tech - nique as in the SERUM and CREAM Modes. Rinse any extra product away with warm water and pat dry. Continue with the SERUM and CREAM Modes.

Award-winning technology

The bt-micro is powered by a rechargeable battery, compact and lightweight, and extremely effective as a standalone tool or used in conjunction with other technology services. Its therefore no surprise that it has consistently been earning aesthetic awards around the world

* 2016-2017 Grand Prix De Soin Hydratant Visage Award from Les Nouvelle Esthetique & Hong Kong Beauty * 2017 LNE & Spa Magazine Award for ‘Best Microcurrent Product'. * 2019 Dermascope Aesthetician's Choice Award for 'Best Ultrasonic Device"

The bt-micro is one handheld device which no therapist should be without.

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